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Emiya Sazuki [W.I.P]

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1 Emiya Sazuki [W.I.P] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:21 am

Name: Emiya Sazuki
Age: 15
Date of Birth: October/30
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: Flash of the Past: Emiya has been known to experience randomly experience complete flashbacks. With the experience so real that he can't tell that its a memory. Most times these flashes barley take any real world time, but rarely it can take up minutes.

- Repentant: Once raised by high acolytes, Emiya tries to hold himself up to the expectations of the religious life. Despite falling from the holy teachings, he is still prone to follow some morals thanks to their influence. This is maybe to reconcile with what his has done in his past, or what he plans to do in the future.

- Self Hatred: Emiya hates himself due to his incapability to choose a better path for himself. This tends to be a psychological punishment, however it also leads him to be paranoid at times.

- Relaxed: When he isn't tormenting himself, Emiya is actually a nice person. More calm than kind but he will still be much more understanding and clear minded.
- Self Serving: Emiya is only conserned for his own interests, he cares little to nothing about others, most of the time. If he were to take an interest in someone then maybe he would care a little bit more. However that still remains to be seen.


  1. The World: At least when he isn't noticed, Emiya prefers to simply observe, and collect his thoughts on the land he exists in. That is one pleasure he can enjoy without psychological torment.
  2. Chaos: As exciting as 'balance', and 'good' are, anything can happen out of chaos. Be it good or bad the outcome with be interesting either way.
  3. Magic: The acolytes that raised him had the ability to heal others, although Emiya had tried he couldn't do the same. Instead he found more interest in the other forms of magic that existed.  


  1. Being Told What to do: Emiya isn't a child, he is capable of choosing things for himself. He can't stand having someone bossing him around.
  2. Losing: Loss in any way is not excusable, plain as that.
  3. Wasted Time: You can do many things with time, it would be wise not to waste it.

Himself: Emiya only cares for his own interests. So if he decides to cause havoc and wreck the world, so he shall. If he decides to help and improve the world, so he shall do.

Height: 149.3 centimeters tall
Weight: 47 Kg
General Appearance: Emiya is a pale, short-statured white haired teenager. Typically wearing white clothing. His favorite/usual set is a white cloak that hangs down to his calves, with a furry hood. In the middle is a snap lock that connects the left and right side of the cloak together. Under that Emiya wears a tight black vest, with the edges of the front and collar colored red.

History: Emiya was born into a family of mages in the city known as Geffen. He was keen on learning magic in his younger years however never had the aptitude for it at the time. His birth parents were... not exactly the best role models. They would often leave Emiya to his own devices, and leave on long term trips. Sazuki found a lot of free time on his hands so he would wander around town most of the time, when one day he stumbled upon an acolyte. He asked Emiya why he was alone, and he responded "I'm always alone, but it doesn't really matter." Shocked with his response the acolyte urged Sazuki to come with him to the temple. It was a wonderful trip for Emiya. The acolyte introduced himself with the name Jem, but asked for Emiya to call him James. Jem then suggested that Emiya should stay at the temple until someone came for him. Emiya had happily agreed. From then on Sazuki went everywhere with the acolytes, he ate with them, prayed with them and he sleep in the same room; he still had nightmares at that age. However one day while Emiya was reading he heard shouting. It was his parents. They had come in ragged clothes, and look furious. They had demanded that the acolytes release their son to them immediately. However the acolytes had refused. Later on Emiya would learn that his parents had become criminals they were being cased at the moment and came to get Emiya before they escaped. But at the moment he simply continued to watch. Unfortunetly he chose the wrong moment to look back. With a thud, acolyte Jem fell with a knife in-between his ribs. Sazuki ran to his fallen friend, however before Emiya could reach him his parents had pulled him away. However he wouldn't budge, the people, his so-called "Parents" left him alone. They murdered his best friend and now they are going to take him back. For what? Just so they didn't have any tracks to them? I'm not going. Nor did he go. At that moment the free will played into Emiya's mind a wicked (in the bad way) idea. He stopped resisting his parents and walked with While he was near the corpse of Acolyte Jem he grabbed the knife from out of his body. His parents hadn't realized this and walked on without a thought. Just as they walked past the doors leading out Emiya drew out the blade and quickly plunged it into his mother's neck first, following his father's head after that. He soon left his village after the bodies were found for if he was discovered he would've face the same fate that his parents would have. Emiya has then spent his time looking for something to distract him from the reality of being completely alone.

RP Sample: The feeling of a blade fueled by malice is something you don't forget. Emiya had found the knife embedded into his father's head. With slow agonizing movements, he jerked the bloody tool out of his father brain and it dropped to the ground with a clatter.

Face Claim: Who is the person in your image and what series are they from? Example: Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto

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