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Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]

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26 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:18 pm

Allie started to stare at her food in a hunger manner as if she was an animal herself. She licked her canines as she then grabbed a fork and a spoon. ''F chop sticks...this is faster..'' she spoke and she smirked and then started to dig in. She didn't care if people watched, she was starving or at least it felt like it. She could eat a whole farm and still be hungry...maybe it had to do with her illness of her being, perhaps. She then went up and looked back at Larissa. ''Be right back...'' she spoke coldly as she then went to get about another cart of food with six plates of different things. ''Alrighty.'' she spoke as she then sat down and then looked at the waitress. ''Can I have a whole khan's cake? With some shredded coconut?'' she requested in which she nodded and went away as if to get it. ''I hope you like chocolate!'' she spoke dominantly as she then digged in more food as she worked on plates.

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27 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:29 pm

She watched Allie eat happily, enjoying the girl's enthusiasm which so rarely appeared. Larissa wanted nothing more than happy times with her best friend tho lately the happy part had been getting harder and harder to achieve. As such these were her favorite moments and she eagerly kept up with her ravenous bff who hardly seemed like she had room in her body for all that food:

"Eating chinese food with spoon and fork huh? Guess we're not that different...", she spoke gleefuly with her mouth half full. Like Allie, Larissa also tended to eat a lot, though it mostly depended on her mood, and even then it took her a while to pick up the pace. Soon, she too had put her chopsticks aside and took one step further, grabbing the bowl and slurping both noodles and soup at once, "Bring me some more bowls while you're at it!!"

Larissa asked a little too late as her mouth had been too full to speak earlier, but hopefully, Allie would still hear and bring her the extra servings. She did, earning a thankful smile from Larissa who promptly dug in:

"Thanks!", was all she had time to say before her mouth was once again too full to say anything her friend could understand. She then struggled to answer with her mouth full, "Shoundz delish!"

The blonde did love her chocolate after all...

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28 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:12 pm

Nomming and eating the whole restraunt out of business she would continue eating as she ate as if she was starving more than ever. Was it something new that was going on with her? She wasn't so sure but she kept eating the lau mein in which it was pretty good. She also had a smile on her face as the cake appeared. She would then stop eating as they laid down the cake in the middle of the table. She would cut the cake itself as she would place some on her plate and on Larissa's plate, thanking the waitress. She would then start poking at the cake and then started to eat it slowly as she savored the taste.

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29 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:31 pm

In the wake of their impressive meal, Allie was left with a stack of plates and Larissa with a stack of bowls. Many other clients looked at them wondering how two tiny girls managed to have a colossal appetite like that, but they weren't even done yet. There was still dessert. A single slice of cake felt like too little dessert for such a large main course (good thing this was all you can eat):

"Wow, this cake is delicious! You're a genious, Allie...", she praised her friend's choice, Larissa was the type who might have simply eaten more bowls of ramen till she couldn't eat another bite. Cake for a proper dessert was the (now) blue haired girl's idea.

SHe wound up taking another slice, and another, and another, and they soon finished the whole cake. Larissa would then lay back, rubbing her full tummy with a satisfied grin:

"Aaaah, that was great!! I'm stuffed!"

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30 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:06 am

She looked at her best friend in the whole world as she said that the cake was delicious. She was happy that her friend liked it as it was one of her favorite cakes and desserts in general. She nodded, ‘’I know.’’ She spoke softly as she saw her friend sit back and in a full position. She started to finally finish all her food and started to drink and sat her cup down. ‘’Alright, done.’’ She spoke as she sighed softly in relief of being done, rubbing her stomach that was full. Her eyes were dazed as she looked away…thinking. Maybe she should go sleep now as her energy seemed low…’’Larissa chan, let’s go home and sleep. I’m tired.’’ She says coldly as she then gets up and pays for it…waiting on her friend.

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31 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:14 am

She giggled at Allie's confident reply as the girl finished her drink; Larissa had already finished hers during the meal itself. She clearly ate a lot of these cakes and was already sure they would be good before ordering some for the two of them. At the mention of the word "sleep", the lazy Larissa yawned reflexively, she normally felt sleepy after eating this much, it was good that Allie wouldn't be asking her keep up on more adventures before they had a chance to nap:

"A little siesta sounds like a great idea...", they stood up and she watched Allie pay up the full course. After all these years she no longer bothered trying to pay her half, and instead she'd just cover the next meal, "Next time its my treat, Allie-chan!"

Larissa then slid her hand around Allie's shoulder - non sexually for once - and they walked side by side back towards their inn. The closer they got the sleepier Larissa felt; she could already hear the bed calling to her.

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32 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:24 am

She looked at Larissa by the corner of her eyes in which she then nodded, ''Sure.''. She knew better though as Larissa would most likely forget to pay. Slowly walking towards the outside she would feel her friends hand/arm upon her shoulder as they walked side by side. She would smile hiddenly with her cold expression. The weather seemed perfect for outside napping as she would then lead her friend to the outside sleep house with pillows, beautiful breeze and trees of a perfect fantasy. As soon as Allie got there she would then tip her friend off of her shoulder and plop down on the ground and fell asleep...


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33 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:33 am

Larissa didn't like to sleep alone, at least not when Allie was around. She'd always find a way to sneak into her bed and cuddle up, and this time was no different. She laid next to her best friend and though the started off apart, Larissa was a messy sleeper. She always managed to kick her covers away and wind with both legs outside the bed - feet poking out of opposite ends - which was why she didn't mind sleeping on the ground so much, since falling off beds was normal for her.

She'd instintively cuddle up to Allie once her hands or feet found her, though probably not grope her juicy bits so long as she didn't adoptable a squeezable body... She just enjoyed the warmth and the company more than anything...


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