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Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]

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1 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:47 am

 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  8rNKG

Izlude Town, just a small stop on their journey to... Nowhere? It didn't matter where they were headed, all that mattered was the road itself, and who they took it with. Her friends and Guardians had all gone off to explore momentarily leaving Larissa and Allie by themselves, walking on the beach. The weather was nice so it was a good day to head out under the sun:

"Allie-chaaaan~...", said Larissa, yawning at the last part and stretching her arms. Though Larissa was indeed tired, this was just a little excuse. Her arm would find its way around her best friend's shoulders, and her hand ready to attach itself to her breasts, "...So tired..."

She had always been like this, at least from the moment she grew old enough to think perverted thoughts and her friends actually had curves she could grope. Allie was always her favorite target however, and she would always be so. The girl looked different every day, sometimes every hour, but Larissa always knew who she was, in fact she was the only person who did. Maybe it was her smell, maybe it the feel of her soft, supple body, or maybe it was something else... Well, it didn't matter...

For this outing she had picked out an absurdly short crop top, tiny denim shorts, and a pair of heart shaped sunglasses, and held her hair up in a ponytail. She wore her bikini bottom beneath her shorts and had her top ready inside her bag.

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 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Imagee11
Allie was spending her time with not only the leader of this little group of theirs, but her best friend in the world. Her eyes cornered within the cloak of mysterious darkness and of the hidden as she looked at her friend. She could see that her temptation to be groped was to come as she then looked forward. Before Larissa could she let a rather cold aura swim around. ''Larissa...can you at least wait till I have a form...?'' she asks coldly as she then stands up and sighs. Her heart feeling more enlightened as she then wondered what to use, which form to use as she then wonders what to actually go as. She has a many appearances she has seen in the world...and then she figured one.

 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Form6410

She slowly glowed and forming slowly from toe to the tip of her head she formed into another appearance that was far from what she always appears as. Blue hair flowed with the wind as her eyes pierced at Larissa's eyes of sea green. Using her right hand she would push up glasses, organizing them in perfect place. ''Alright...shall we swim?~'' she asked soothingly as she then turned around and walked away towards the waters as they seemed nicely to swim.

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Larissa never cared much if this cloaked form was her "real" appearance, such things just were. Allie's "real form" was who she was inside, the fact she could change bodies at will with her illusions only made it ring truer. The girl was her best friend, and she could see it through whatever visage she had. She had a penchant for adopting gropable appearances, something that further caused Larissa to attach to her even before she took a proper shape:

"I could... But it wouldn't be the same.", Larissa teased playfully with a grin on her face, firmly groping and fondling her friend's deliciously well shaped breast the moment she took her form, a gorgeous blue haired woman with long hair and ribbons. She had a perverted look as she harassed her best friend as if it were the most natural thing in the world, speaking casually as she did so, "Hmm, this a good form... Very good In fact."

She'd lean into Allie to better feel up she shapes and sizes of her chosen body with glee. As perverted as Larissa was, her love for her best friend was genuine and she enjoyed her company even if the girl didn't have a body she could fondle. She looked into her eyes and smiled, her gaze following the girl as she stepped up to go swim in the ocean, willingly heading after her to appreciate her rear. Pulling off her top, she then slipped on the upper half of her bikini and quickly caught up to her:

"Yosh! How about a little race?!", challenged Larissa as they finally reached the water, enjoying as it went up to her ankles. It was a little cold, but not enough to deter the blonde...

Larissa usually won their races due to being the more physically inclined of the two, but they still had lots of fun.

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4 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:20 am

She listened to her girly voice of words as she was teasing playfully and grinning all happy. Happiness...deep within she couldn't feel that. At that moment of thought she felt her body being fondled amking her face blush and flush of pink. ''L-Larissa chan!~'' she spoke annoyed as she glared at he by the corner of her eyes. She knew how Larissa was although it annoyed her when she was being harassed by her sexual innuendos and touch. She wasn't into females so when she was being felt by one, it made her feel rather weird. A minute later her body was let free of her grasp as she was then able to go swimming. Her eyes watched that one moment as Larissa took off her top piece being half naked and ran into the water, challenging her. Due to the fact that Allie didn't want to put in too much effort, Larissa always won...thinking she wasn't physically more faster.

''Oh, look like you won again.'' she spoke softly as she tilted her head and looked at Larissa with a simple smile. Her eyes and hair and skin glistening and shining as if she was glazed. Walking slowly in she would walk in the water, turn and lay down feeling the coolness swim and caress her body to where she would then close her eyes. ''Larissa chan...'' she started to speak cooly. ''Ever think of where we would be if...certain things didn't happen in the past?'' she questioned as she then deep breathed and closed her eyes...thinking.

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5 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:40 am

Her gut always told her something was off whenever the two raced... She had learned to trust her instincts and intuition which often proved keener than most people's but even then it didn't stop their fun:

"Think you'll race me seriously sometime...?", she asked playfully, running into the water, slowing down as it got harder to run the deeper her legs sunk into the sea. She poked the girl's breast softly, grinning and sticking her tongue out, "...Or are you worried you'll lose anyways?"

Most of the time when she raced Allie, she felt like the girl wasn't giving it her all. She was confident in her ability to win even then, but she hoped one day she'd get Allie really fired up to the point where she wouldn't be able to hold back. Teasing probably wouldn't work, but she tried nonetheless, grabbing her friend's hand and pulling her further into the sea. Once they finally stepped out into the shallow edge of the sea again, Larissa ran her fingers under the edges of her bikini to adjust it, drawing close to Allie and doing the same to her top, naughty as ever:

"You should be more careful, Allie-chan! Your breasts are too big, your top could slip off like that~!", though her impish grin and perverted blush faded somewhat once she heard Allie speak in a more serious tone. Her hands were still over her friend, her touch just changed from sleazy to comforting, keeping her arm around her shoulder and pulling her head in softly. Her smiled faded sadly for a moment but her voice still inspired hope, "Sometimes... But I try not to dwell on it too much... Our past was horrible, but it brought us together. We can never fix that past, but we can hold on to our present; and that's enough for me."

Her last words were spoken with a confident smile and unwavering resolve. The girl owed her cheerful, bubbly personality to the joy she had from being able to spend time with Allie and the rest of her beloved. She looked into her eyes and smiled, kissing her cheek tenderly.

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Allie floated upon the waters as she let her illusious hair flow as well. Her eyes looked at the sky on which was somewhat covered in or with clouds. She stayed quiet as she listened to her friend. As she tried to take off her top, she created a new with without Larissa knowing to cover her chest as if she never took it off in the first place. She looked at Larissa with a calming expressionless facial expression. ''You should becareful yourself...doing that to people.'' she says as she corners her eyes to look at her. She waited for more of an answer on what she asked till she then spoke that she tries to not dwell on it as their past was horrible. (Although Larissa doesn't know everything). She added that it brought them together and they can't fix the past but they could hold onto their present. Her eyes half way closed as she wondered on it and then looked away. Her head laid against the sands of time as she then looked at Larissa. ''I see....'' was all she said coldly and calmly as she wasn't sure what more to say. ''Do you wish to go do something else?'' she questioned curiously as she then stood half way up...looking up at her.

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She laughed mischievously at her best friend's poorly disguised threat, knowing it was the closest to anger she'd ever get from her. Allie was always the cold type and no matter how hard she tried it was incredibly hard from Larissa to get an emotional response from her. It's alright, that was who she was and the blonde loved her that way, and she'd happy with what little emotion she did show.

"Heheh, sorry, sorry!", she grinned and scratched her head, before pointing back at the sandy beach, "Weather is beautiful, why not just lay there for a while?"

Larissa would then head back to the beach and drape her towel onto the ground, patting the spot next to her as in invitation for Allie to join her. Lying face down with her forearms under her head, she'd turn her head towards her best friend and her smile would fade. Allie's question made her once again wonder on the mysery of what had happened to her parents. Larissa had told Allie her own story - what little she was there to witness - but at that time the shapeshifter wasn't comfortable discussing it, and the blonde never pressed the subject so as to not bring forth old memories that should just stay buried. But she didn't like being in the dark either. To best help Allie, the way she needed, it was time to ask that again:

"Speaking of the past... You never told me what happened to you... What happened to your parents.", her tone was sulemn and soft, and her eyes said she would press the subject if Allie would rather not speak of it entirely...

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She felt her friend leave the area she first was at as she went out of the water. Following after she formed into her normal body of being covered by a cloak as the cloak closed like some closet door, locking itself. Her body was covered in shadows as she sat next to Larissa. The darkness of the sky started to appear as she asked about her own past, her parents to be exact. She thought about them as she knew what happened to her parents, but not her other siblings that she truly felt for. Laying down upon the sands she let out a whisper as the area was no longer a beach as it covered the area of darkness upon beauty of stars and where they were laying was as if they were laying upon colorful sand of a planet, galaxy gazing. She knew that Larissa loved her illusions and magic as Larissa got to experience things that no other really got to...feeling rather special.

Laying down as starred at the sky as she wondered how to explain or to be rather simple. ''They were murdered...'' she whispered softly, soothingly and like a grown females voice as she then turned so she was laying down on her side as she looked at Larissa with a face that could not be seen by anyone..including her although deep inside...there was of course remorse, pain and so forth.

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Larissa turned face up to look at the sky as Allie playing with her illusion magic. She always knew how to create the prettiest things, allowing her to catch some sunbeams and tan while their mind was busy watching something only they could see. Larissa sighed as she heard her state her parents had been murdered, Allie would know she understood the feeling. Deep down, she had her suspicions... Staying silent, she put her arm around the illusionist's shoulders and pulled her in, bringing their heads together as they watched the starlit visage:

"I'm sorry you had to go through that...", she whispered soothingly before going back to silence. Larissa had a strong empathy thanks to her strong intuition, and she always used to do what little she could to help her best friend.

Allie always seemed to prefer her company when Larissa remained silent anyhow, and now was one such time... Watching the starlit sky as they did so often - usually on grass - proved to be the one of the most relaxing hobby they could share, if not the most.

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10 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:59 pm

Allie felt her being pulled closer as her head touched her which to herself...her head touching her shoulder was fine...Allie wasn't big on being touched and therefore...not even her best friend was able to touch her without getting annoyed or awkward in the most bad way. ''Yea...'' was all she whispered as her eyes that were covered were to gaze on the stars. ''The stars and sky...makes me feel like there is so much in the discover and to be seen.'' she whispered as she then took another breather, closing her eyes all the way and taking this day as a relax day...

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11 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:07 pm

The girl seemed to relax after a while, Larissa liked touching people even when sexual harassment was put aside. She knew Allie wasn't big on it, and so tried to make it as least invasive as possible in calmer situations like these. It was her way of letting Allie know she was there:

"You're right. That's why I wanna keep adventuring with you for much, much longer. I can't even imagine what else might be out there to see, and that only makes me wanna see it more.", she answered, her tone growing more ambitious with each word, "...But it's no fun by yourself... So I'll always protect you, Allie."

Allie might feel like she didn't need protection, and perhaps she could be right. But that didn't matter to Larissa. She would protect not only her, but their other five closest friends; so they could have fun times together like this forever... After being helpless to protect her parents, she swore she would never fail her adopted sister the same way.

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12 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:56 pm

She agreed with her as she spoke on how that was the reason that she wanted to keep adventuring with her for as long as possible. She didn't want to imagine what else might be out there nor can as itd only make her wanna see it more. The thing and words that spoke to her most was the fact that she said that she'd always protect her. '' you...remember out childhood promises?'' she wondered...softly and coldly speaking as she then closed her eyes...trying to remember the good days...the times of what she was before the accident...before those people captured her...

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13 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:20 pm

Allie spoke of their childhood promises... The whole nostalgia had Larissa drawing a longing smile, remembering how innocent they were back then. Larissa was meek little crybaby, a bit of a coward too; and Allie was emotional, at least more emotional than she is now which is nothing.

"Of course...", Larissa remembered their promise, but had it been the only one? Maybe, maybe not, "We'd always be friends... And we'd remind the other of who we are if we forgot ourselves..."

The first one was the easiest to keep, but the second one... After all the mess in their lives, it became hard to even know what their paths were. Larissa came to regard hers as a path to strength, so she could protect Allie forever. But Allie's path... That was harder to tell. Sometimes she wondered if the girl even knew anymore...

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14 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:02 am

Her eyes enlightened as she was laying there, listening to her friend be herself. She always seemed to never remember everything but maybe one thing. Although it was somewhat humor...the old Allie would've chuckled but it was as if her laughter was locked. ''That is one of them. Typical of you to not remember it all though.'' she spoke softly. ''It starts off with...No matter what, at what cost we will protect one another. Another was we will not choose someone over each other as to...we will never leave each other. There is more of course but...yea.'' She thought back on life as she doesn't remember giggling ever since with her little sister on that day. She would stay strong though and not tear of what happened in the past. She continued to stay emotionless though and face unclear while she then turned to look at Larissa, her beautiful friend and then at the stars. ''Larissa chan...who do you think I am? What am I?...'' she spoke as she felt unclear...if Larissa actually knew...what she truly was.

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15 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:21 am

"Sorry, sorry...", she grinned excusingly not drawing her eyes away from the starlit sky, "But all of that feels so natural, its hard to remember them all with actual words."

She always had her best friend's safety before anything else, and she would never leave her. Who or what could ever be more important than your own sister anyways? They were there for each other when they needed most and a bond like that isn't so easily broken. It was because of Allie that Larissa developed the will to grown strong. Though the next question was odd, Larissa didn't find it strange. Allie had always questioned her identity, sometimes even her humanity, especially after the incident. But what she so often forgot was that whether she was human or not... Larissa didn't give a shit:

"You're my best friend: Allie Melonetta. My family, my sister.", Larissa spoke with unwavering firmness and resolve, even if this wasn't the answer Allie wanted or believed, it was all that mattered to Larissa, all she cared about. Her normally playful but now serious eyes spoke volumes as she pulled her into a tight embrace whispering into her ear, "You were there for me when I needed it most. Us having different blood, you having all those powers: That means nothing. I love you regardless..."

The fact that Larissa could always recognize her no matter what form she took only served to prove her point...

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16 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:42 am

She heard her friends talk as she was her best friend, loving her no matter what and knowing it would be her through thick and thin. She took a calming breather as she would then believe her although something stuck onto her. ''Even...if I was with death already? Claimed...?'' she questioned as she would then lift herself up and stood up straight to look down at her. It was a mystery, everything was including herself and Larissa. What shall the world come to in the end within this world that they were born within? She then looked up as she reached her right hand to the sky, whispered ancient words and therefore a wishing star appeared and out of no where the world galaxy swirled into a mixed milky way and disappeared...showing the reality of the blue bright sky, birds flying away and the waves crashing. ''Guess it's almost time...'' she whispered as she had a grim expression on her face.

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17 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:02 am

The conversation started taking grim undertones and even with things left unsaid, Lari was more than capable of telling that something was wrong, and it likely had to do with what happened to her Allie's parents. Her eyes then narrowed at Allie's next question:

"You're here, talking to me, aren't you? Then you're not with death, not really.", Larissa answered, knowing her friend was still alive. She could see at least that much. Which left the second part, which made Lari's brows and nose twitch angrily. One of the reasons why they started their family was so that they could all be free, and have fun together. An attack on one was an attack on them all, "...And If someone were to think they could claim you... I need to have a chat with them. I'd never stop until you were free again."

...Even if it killed her, Larissa would never allow anybody to "claim" her beloved sister. That was their promise, after all. Her determined eyes wouldn't leave Allie's hidden face for even a moment, as if she looked straight into her soul. If Larissa wasn't yet strong enough, then she would train, train and train, until she could win back her sister's freedom to follow her own path. She wouldn't fail her like she failed her own parents:

"Almost time for what..?", sensing a serious problem, Larissa no longer paid attention to her illusion or the sandy beach that soon returned. Her attention was solely focused on Allie and her genuine concern for the girl's well being...

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18 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:11 am

She looked at Larissa as she would then be guessing on her guessing of what she was saying on her having to go. She honestly had thing to do and not only that, she felt like darkness was coming. She saw things that normal humans could not see as it was flowing over the no long being beautiful to her eyes. ''Larissa...'' she spoke coldly and calmly as she turned around and started to slowly walk. ''Let's go do something else shall we?'' she questioned her friend as she would then turn her back against the one-time beautiful ocean and sea.

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19 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:23 am

The girl sighed and didn't answer... It's alright, Larissa didn't need her to answer to know something was wrong and now that Allie had raised such concerns, Larissa would be tripling her training. Whatever was threatening her sister and binding her to itself would be crushed by the same legs that led her forward on their adventures. Once Allie finally looked back at her:

"Hmm? Sure...", she wasn't as cheerful as before, but then how could she be? Once she finished mustering her resolve, Larissa would go back to being herself, that was just the kind of person she was. Once she did that, maybe she'd be able to inspire some hope into her gloomy sister, "What're you in the mood for?"

Larissa would hold onto her BFF/sister's hand and walk beside her, the relaxing sounds of the crashing waves soothing her restlessness, little by little. She slipped on her top and pulled off her bikini top from underneath; no reason to expose herself gratuitously like that: She wasn't that kind of pervert...

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20 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:46 am

 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  2015-010

Allie started to form clothes and the appearance from before as she then stood there in her skirt and shirt and a serious human facial expression. Her arms folded and crossed against her chest as she then looked towards town. ''I'm not sure, maybe we should start with something to eat first yea?'' she asked in a calming cold tone as she then started to walk with Larissa. The Chinese place looked fantastic and so she would then glisten her eyes as they sparkled seeing it making a small smile appearing on her lips. ''This place...smells amazing..'' she spoke with some excitement and a little warmer but the only thing on her face that showed happy was her eyes as they sparkled like the ocean that it was.

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21 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:59 am

"Sounds good to me! I just hope it doesn't take too long...", she answered, eating sounded like a good idea; the only problem was when they took too long to serve. Nothing worse than being teased with food that just doesn't arrive fast enough. Larissa already felt her stomach growl, meaning her body agreed with Allie too.

She watched as Allie illusioned herself a cute little outfit, and she did so, Larissa slowly started to feel the urge to fondle her again. The concern for her beloved best friend was still much too strong at moment, and distracted her too much for her to actually do it. Seeing Allie smile made her smile again too and in a flash she was back to normal:

"What are we waiting for then? Lets head inside!", she grinned and pushed Allie into the restaurant first with one hand on her waist, obviously taking the opportunity to side down a few inches and sneak a feel of her butt cheeks, letting off a little chuckle.

This slight groping (by her standards) was proof that she was finally back to her bubbly, happy go lucky mood, which naturally encompassed the perversion she was often known for... Once inside, she'd take a seat at the nearest table or follow the blue haired girl if she did it first.

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22 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:17 am

Allie started to roam in as Larissa wrapped and grabbed by her waist she would go into the food place, chinese food was amazing to her. She then felt a grab of her behind making her turn and punch a guy that was behind her in the face. ''Has anyone ever taught you to not grab someones ass?!''she said and when she spoke she glaring at him and then at larissa knowing it was her, but she couldn't hurt her best friend, now could she. She would walk past the counter person and ordered her drink as she would walk beside larissa all the way going towards the food and then picking out selections.

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23 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:28 am

Larissa laughed mischievously as an angry Allie turned and punched a random guy in the face instead of her, wanting to retaliate for her fondling. But she never had it in her to actually attack the real culprit, something Larissa loved about her even if she knew very well she sometimes deserved it:

"Wow, nice punch!", she praised with a grin, as the walked over to the counter. Larissa ordered herself a can of soda, and looked at the menu. She pondered quickly with one hand on her chin and finally decided after a few short moments, "Hmm, I'll have the chicken noodle soup. What about you Allie?"

She followed Allie's eyes towards the menu curiously, wondering what piqued her interested today...

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24 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:33 am

She looked at Larissa as she saw and heard her order chicken noodle soup at a chinese buffet. She sighed, ''You would order american food at a all-you-can-eat buffet.'' she spoke as she went off to the plates and grapped four, a cart and grabbed a lot of food including a Master beau seafood and meat leu mein and pork fried rice. She loved chinese food more than about any other food besides certain kinds of cake. She would then go and travel back to her friend as she walked away and to the seat, sitting down. As she waited for her drink she would look at her friend thinking...picking at her food.

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25 Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie]  Empty Re: Best friends forever <3 [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:46 am

Larissa was pretty sure Allie was misunderstanding something, but in the end it it didn't really matter. There were still waiters around for the lazy folks like Larissa who didn't really mind asking someone else to get things for them:

"What of it? Don't worry so much with tiny details!", Larissa answered with a grin and a dismissive wave; she followed Allie as she grabbed her food just to spy on what she was picking. She soon grabbed her bowl and brought it over to the table, "Wow you look hungry!"

The girl really did love her chinese food. Larissa didn't care so much what country had the food being invented so long as it tasted good, and this one smelled good at least, enough that she didn't really wanna wait around to find out:

"Alrighty, time to dig in!!", she commented gleefully, grabbing her chosticks and gluttonously slurping up whole masses of noodles. She'd stand up to get more food once this one was over and done with...

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