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1 Felix on Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:33 am

Name: Felix
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 2/23
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics:

Mask: Wears a metal mask from time to time to conceal his identity.

Personality: His mind is the abyss of many things; he is thoughtful of situations but very blunt and rush on things if the time calls for it. He is proud of the shop him and his father has worked in over the years giving the time to become powerful and influential for the fine tools being sold, hating the idea of the shop closing he tries his best to get more zeny. He can be calm and assertive every time he is out on the town being the serious worker he is when it comes to making the very weapons his father makes, becoming a overachiever is something he feels he must do to get over things and impress others. He can be very persistent when it is coming to someone having a problem, he more likely being a pacifist wants to talk it out with them and maybe buy them a drink. When he gets drunk he feels he is on top of the world and hugs anyone that is close to him treating as if they were his best friend buying them drinks to be drunk than he is.


Working on Weapons: Helping and make weapons are his thing to have as his father would teach him the way of smithing.

Drinking Alcohol: Nothing makes him feel more alive than alcohol, feeling the burning sensation and the spirit of the fight he won't help to drink until he can't make sense.

Angeling: The holy Poring is something that Felix has in mind. Seeing it's wings and its beauty he cannot bring himself but to watch and try to tame such a creature that he saw when he was younger.

Robots: Mechanical constructs from the very Robot Factory bothers him to the very core of how they are designed to just kill on sight rather than be reasoned with like a normal human.

Demons: He has a problem with demons but it is just the detail of how disturbing they can look like, it is no easy task talking to these beings.

Crowded Areas: Places of businesses can suck up other trades making them focus on their's solely this bothers Felix because he wants to sell his items.

Making Weapons: With forging in his blood he wants to make the best of the best weapons for people in the world to enjoy and say his name in pride that he made their weapon.

Money: As long the zeny is shown the more and more he wants to become rich and spend it all in a wise decision making from his job.

Commanding a mercenary group: The hidden passion of his is always having a crew on his back and helping him on the way. Working and doing adventures together.

Height: 180cm (5"11')
Weight: 72.57kg (160 lbs)
General Appearance:His hair brown and eyes similar, a color set of green that affiliates the upper body of him as a green belt would cover his stomach with a pouch on the side to carry small items within, with a tank top and with an orange design on the front tied with two straps as at the sleeve is a design of tight rows of rope and string with an brown long sleeve to cover his body. With leather gloves to cover his hands and a sword at his back in a sheath as well in a sling to carry it on, a long tattered green scarf that would cover his right side of his body with grey pants and leather boots with leg pouches. His long brown hair is in a ponytail tied up with two golden bands around.

The birth sign of the stars twinkled as Felix breathed his first breath from being received. His life was an easy to a hard lifestyle after the choices has made from working as being a merchant and selling items to keep the money flowing nothing could stop him but think about the times of the past and the future. His time is mostly spent on helping his father with working on the smithing shop over in Izlude Town, being one of the many shops they supply adventurers with items needed for their future accomplishments and deathly failures. The shop is called, “Dragon’s Fire” the shop was founded by his great grandfather who was born from the mountains of Mt. Mjolnir, the time that was spent on the shop and kept it running was all the zeny that made Felix believe he could do more around the time selling his father’s weapons or his very own to travelers, possibly even repairing other’s weapons if he got stronger and skilled at his craft. Being fast as he is, he ends up doing the odd jobs of things to deal with not strong monsters, doing people errands or even making simple bread to a hungry homeless woman. His mother left his father because of pointless details and the false accusation of him cheating on another woman she went and lived over at Geffen to become a professor of the arts, but all in all Felix’s life is always in bits and pieces not knowing when the next piece of history will land him in the future of Ragnarok. His ideals wanting to become famous like the man Kiel Hyre even with the faults of the robotics incident, he wants to amaze people with his work and become richer by working even harder as the one day he leaves Izlude Town is where he shall start the adventure of a lifetime.

RP Sample:
The day was long and hard, the smell of alcohol hung in the air as the clouds rolled in making the place damp. The bar was an interesting place to hole up but trouble would be brewed later as expected from the patrons fighting each other over something so little. Sighing and looking up to the grey dull sky he hoped for an adventure to start by the hours end, he looks around remembering of his mother’s scolding at his father for the wrong things instead of correct. “Today will become a better day; with the old man on the job working I can do something else to at least cheer him up. But man I always wanted to have my own mercenary group, adventure around the world, fight monsters, drink in celebration, experience defeat and victory….man one day I will have that come true and that will be the best day onward.” He thought with a smile as he walked towards the end of town seeing in the distance floating around in the distance. Giving him curiosity he began to walk further to investigate as he sees an orange blob with wings, “…I-it’s…an Angeling! Okay…calm down, calm down. It is cute and could be a pet…my own Angeling! Man the people back in town would be so jealous.” His thoughts ran through like a hurricane making titter and excitement overwhelm him as the Angeling sees him and in a panic tries to fly off as Felix snaps back in reality to catch it, “COME BACK HERE!!!”  he yelled as he runs towards the Angeling that all his own legs could carry him as he would jump onto the Angeling hugging it tightly but only to slip out from his arms. The Angeling flew away as Felix gritted his teeth, “Next time I will get you and you will be my pet!” He shaked his fist in the air at the Angeling as he yelled with intent, as the time passed he walked back to the shop of his old man to wonder what is on the agenda of working things.

Face Claim: Felix - Golden Sun

Fairy Tail Event:

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2 Re: Felix on Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:59 pm

Btw, you don't get to start out with a class. You are capable of getting a class later on

Snake Tongue: Can you specify that this cannot be used to do god modding? (Just in case)

Smithing is something a merchant can do, you don't have that. I don't think it's really a special characteristic, and it wouldn't even work if you eventually decide to not be a merchant after all.


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3 Re: Felix on Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:06 pm is done. Man I am lazy today. Bump.

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4 Re: Felix on Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:12 pm


+1,000 Zeny


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