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Kirai Kurayamino [W.I.P.]

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1 Kirai Kurayamino [W.I.P.] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:42 am

Name: Kirai Kurayamino
Age: 19
Date of Birth: October 10th
Gender: Female
Special Characteristics: None
Personality: Kirai is rather mean. As her name indicates, Kirai means Hate. Kirai is born in an orphanage. Kirai is the opposite of sweet, spice and everything nice. She is quite tough to people who tease her or bully’s her. Some people thought of her as a “cool” type because of her mean nature. Kirai is very mean towards other people and takes everything to herself. Other than that, Kirai is a bookworm and a smart person. She could read up to almost 10 books a month. By her mean nature, she does not indicate herself as a demon. Even if she wears dark outfits and horns, she is not half-demon. The horns she wore we’re only sheep/ram horns when she killed one in a farm when she was young. So if she is talking towards a sweet and loving person, make sure you could stand up unto her by her mean nature that almost everyone is afraid of.


  • Swords - She finds swords cool enough for her attitude. Killing people she is annoyed to is as good as eating a piece of cake.
  • Darkness - She surnamed herself as Kurayamino, which means darkness. She would like seeing people stay in a dark corner to cry.
  • Pastries - Even if she is mean, she still have a good taste for sweet food.


  • Annoying people - Some people laugh at them when they are being annoyed. Only a single voice could make Kirai shut them up.
  • Milk - Some says they add milk to cakes and pastries. But as long as Kirai does not see it as liquid, its fine.
  • Distraction - As Kirai loves reading so much, Distractions makes Kirai unable to focus on reading properly.


  • The Moon - Kirai would like to gaze up the moon every night. The Moon symbolizes Kirai. Only shines brightly because of the sun.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 160 lbs.
General Appearance: Kirai has a long black hair with a shade of red. She wears large and long thorny horns up to her head with the same color as her hair. She has Red-Eyes and a grin on her face. She wears a black crop top coat with two white strips on the arm part and sleeves with a red stripe on the top and the bottom with a partner of white stars.  She wears a pair of spikey blood colored gloves that looks very demonic. She wears a black bikini top which is mostly covered by her crop top coat. As for the bottoms, she wears black skinny shorts with two stripes in the sides. She wears a white belt with the shape of diamonds in the middle part. She wears a pair of spikey blood colored boots that could become pairs for her gloves.

History: It has said in the personalities part, Kirai is born in an orphanage. She was abandoned by her rich mother and her father died and only found the skeleton. Kirai gets scolded many times by trying to escape the orphanage. She is most likely to be called “rebellious” by it. Since Kirai is a smart person, she always have a plan to get out of the orphanage, and she is also most likely to get caught. One day, an old man who was abandoned by her wife, adopted Kirai and loved her even though she is very rebellious. Only the old man was the only person whom Kirai respects. Kirai is not afraid of the police and the lawyers, or even the leaders that wants to get them caught, Because she is very proud of herself to be able to cut they’re heads off. To love, Kirai laughs so hard when she reads a story about breakups about the girlfriend and the boyfriend. She wouldn’t care if it happens to her one day. Kirai is also a Rival. She rivals people who has the same attitude as her. Kirai only accepts friends who accepts her. She is misunderstood and very jealous. Some people might indicate her to be a Yangire by her vicious personality as they often see her being nice to her grandfather. Only some people could understand Kirai’s life. Kirai is more of a neutral type. She doesn’t care if she is doing bad things or good things, as long as she could knock down anyone with any physical strength/abilities. Her attitude changes if she senses a cat’s presence. Every time she sees a cat passing by, her heart would melt and her attitude would become kinder. She indicates herself as a queen, even though she already looked like one.

RP Sample: Give a brief RP sample that is at least 200 words.

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